Replays / Commentaries

How to Submit:

     1.  First, save the replay from the games we are currently accepting.

     2. Create an email with the following details: Your name, a brief description of the game and any special notes you have of the replay in the description.

3. Attach your replay to the email.

     4. Send your replay to

For a video detailing these steps, please click here!


Games we are Currently AcceptinG:

  • Company of Heroes 2

  • Iron Harvest



Monday - 6pm CT to 9pm CT on Youtube & Twitch

Wednesday - 6pm CT to 9pm CT on Youtube & Twitch

Friday - 6pm CT to 9pm CT on Youtube & Twitch


Live-streams on Greyshot Productions can only be joined in 2 ways:

  • 1) Patreon Member

    • By joining the Greyshot Productions Patreon, you’ll be able to join the Greyshot Productions Discord where all live-streams are assembled.

    • To check out the Patreon, check out the following link here!

  • 2) Fan Fridays!

    • During Fan live-streams, Greyshot117 or Greyshot151 will post temporary links to the Greyshot Productions discord on Youtube & Twitch.

    • Once you join the discord, Greyshot117 or Greyshot151 will invite you via steam to the Company of Heroes 2 lobby for 4v4 multiplayer or custom games.


  • As with all Greyshot Production content, please do not intentionally swear, offend or target players in the game or people in real life.

  • Please do not post links to porn, sketchy sites, offensive language, or any other site which would go against common sense.